Friday, March 14, 2008

Some More Details on OpenMP

Well, in order to move forward with some annotations to OpenMP, here are a couple of details. Parallel Regions in OpenMP are separated by #pragma omp parallel [clause [clause]…]. The block inside will be executed by the designated threads in parallel (same code is executed in each and every thread). The number of threads can be defined by an environment variable and can be set to a specific number or to the maximum number of threads. Other environment variables allow the setting of the chunk size for the schedule type. Beyond this simple structure of Parallel Regions, work sharing constructs (directives) are available. One example is the do/for directive. An implicit barrier exists at the end of the do/for block for synchronization purposes. This can be disabled by specifying a nowait. A schedule clause defines the distribution on the different threads. For options are available static, dynamic, guided, and runtime. Please not the default value depends on the underlying implementation. This should be enough for tonight. It’s Friday and we should listen to some music. Find some recommendation in the next post.

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