Thursday, January 21, 2010

Failure is an option

I read about a conference on failing in the Silicon Valley last year (and I was fascinated by this way of thinking immideately). Well, I think this approach to tackle issues and mistakes is one success criterion which makes this exceptional high-tech valley that successful. Ten years ago, I was lucky to work for one year in Santa Clara / Sunnyvale. At this time, the Silicon Valley was the epicentre of the internet boom. I learned a lot about trying out new things and to be innovative in thinking and developing systems. I need to mention from time to time that software development is still a heuristic process. There are no tools to produce exactly that result in terms of code which is intended in the phase of project initialization. It (the mother of all tools) has been promised for years but it has not arrived yet. Sure, there are patterns, models, code fragments, IDE’s and many other helpful things but in the end it is up to a human beeing (the engineer) to compose and develop the solution. And this still works by trial and error in many cases. The most important lesson is to accept failure and to learn from it. This sounds easier than done and means a learning process for the whole team. But this is absolutely necessary in order to handle the complexity of computer science these days in a professional manner. One of my methods to take care of this is to document alternative solutions (to the choosen way of implementing it) for a given project and to outline the reasons for discarding. As an easy rule of thumb: In order to develop solutions successfully, we need to learn how to fail in the right ways.


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