Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Software Architecture (is alive and kicking)

I’m about going back a little bit to the roots, trying to write and blog more on software and system architecture. It might be necessary because it’s the foundation for all the distributed and web applications as well as for security architecture. It’s ez to get lost in all the details that come with these challenging topics. And, of course, it is my core business and field of expertise.
Software Architecture is the highest level in the area of software development (but it is not superficial or shallow, not at all). Software Architecture is the foundation for all the other more detailed development steps that will follow in the life cycle of a system. Because of its early position in this process, Software Architecture is an important success criterion. And because of this fact, it should be tested, at least by a very detailed review. In order to be testable, Software Architecture must be documented, preferable in a single document called the “Architecture Specification” based on well-defined views. Diagrams and figures are mandatory. The quality of the Software Architecture affects the quality of the whole system in creation predominantly. A well documented and widely teached Software Architecture is a perfect guidance for the development team. Project management needs it to make parallel development on components happen. It is highly recommended to communicate the Software Architecture to all other relevant stakeholders: Customers, 3rd Parties, Marketing, Operations & Services, and Test Teams. More is about to come …

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