Monday, October 06, 2008

Surf Globally, Store Locally?

The era of clouds (see my post on that) comes along with a lot of options to outsource data processing, storage and integration. Well, using external processing power is definitely a good idea, and this service is already accepted and used. Also the integration scenarios offer a lot of chances (beyond the market place and b2b capabilities). But storing data on external machines is a different thing. Security (privacy) concerns exist and should be taken seriously. Incidents (just see what happened to customer data of a big German telecom / mobile phone company) are no exceptional cases and the most spectacular are probably just the tip of the iceberg. Bullet-proof security architecture does not come for free. It’s expensive and a never ending process. Richard Stallmann (RMS) published his concerns last week. He called cloud computing a trap. His view is more about the fact that user might loosing control when running there applications in the clouds. This implies the security aspect. So, should the slogan of the environmentalists “buy locally” a little bit adapted in order to recommend a “store locally” approach?

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