Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Computing in the clouds

Many people might perceive Amazon as THE online store for books, music, gadgets and many other things with advanced market place capabilities and as one of the trail blazers on the Web. But the company from the Pacific Northwest is much more. Amazon is a high-tech company when it comes to very large distributed architectures and technologies based on web services. The “Mechanical Turk” is one example, an impressive idea to use human beings as “end points” in a Service-Oriented Architecture in order to let them do what human beings can do best. I really like this concept.
Another great thing is Cloud Computing as currently (21-April-2008) covered by an article on It’s a must read! The company offers computing capabilities for everyone. This is good news for young enterprises that don’t want to spend too much on hardware. In essence, it is a lesson and a serious example at the same time how to offer computing power (and hardware, of course) as a service. I strongly believe we can expect much more from Amazon in the future. These guys are working on a real new computing platform on the web. The vision that the network is the computer, as verbalized by other companies, might turn into reality …

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