Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Software Architect: open minded and eloquent

There are a lot of job descriptions available for software architects. HR people have done a great job to list all the skills a candidate should fulfill. I expect, beside a solid and comprehensive technical background in computer science, distinct communication skills and the willingness to share his or her work and ideas. An architect should be prepared to explain the basic ideas, concepts and, of course, the architecture that is intended to be used in a project. A well documented architecture and a concise set of slides based on that are perfect tools to do this kind of job. In addition, I also expect the ability to give guidance to the team in order to provide a solid framework for development and to give them sureness that the concept will last. Guidance is especially important when times are rough and the schedule is tough. Okay, this might be enough when talking about my job description for an ideal architect, except the visionary thing …

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