Thursday, June 14, 2007

My view on THE Web-OS

Many people are talking about a Web-OS. Just do a quick search via Google (one of the key player in this WebOS area). The results will be very different: some kind of decent information and ideas, some kind of rumors, all this stuff… I do believe in the idea of a Web Operating System which will be one of the top technology trends for 2008 or later. But I really miss a cool approach to bridge an existing gap. This is not about putting a web server on each client. This is about the technologies running in the browser which is still the one-and-only client for web applications. HTML is a markup language for documents, period. JavaScript is a scripting language, easy. Any combinations of both technologies might lead to more functionality and even to new trends like Web 2.0. But this comes with high complexity, security issues and huge problems to maintain code (and I’m not talking about debugging). My point is, HTML, JavaScript and AJAX are not the robust and durable building blocks to create a new operating system. This kind of homework must be done before establishing a new operating system; even it is “just” web. Disappointed?

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