Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Success criterions for development projects

Many factors do impact the success of development projects these days, much more than a couple of years ago. I have learned to focus on a very limited number (3-4) of key objectives to achieve in large scale projects in order to stay on track. Key objectives are the principles of a project and should be well-know, understood and accepted within the project team. To miss even one of them means failure. If it comes to decision making, the key objectives build a good foundation to move forward. This is a proven approach for projects but also for the development process itself. Here are my four (4) key objectives for successful system development:
  1. Precise, high quality requirements based on strong user involvement
  2. A motivated and skilled team with the ability to learn constantly
  3. Flexible and realistic project management
  4. An open and innovative environment which understands the fact that software development is a heuristic process and which accepts failure
I don’t want to simplify system development. I do know that there are many other factors and ramifications. But people tend to get lost in too many details and micro-management tasks. Concentrating on the essentials does lead to successful development in a very complex world.