Monday, November 27, 2006

My critical view on today’s web client utilization

Using web clients (aka thin clients) comes with a lot of advantages. It’s cool, it’s deployable, it does juts depend on the web browser, not on the underlying operating system, and and and… There are a couple of other reasons why web applications are state of the art for many stake holders in today’s user interface development. I do support this; but not for all use cases. It’s for sure, e-commerce web sites have no other choice and this is cool and okay.But I would like to remind all the excited folks that web applications using a simple paradigm: web browser, DHTML (HTML, JavaScript) via HTTP and web server. The bottleneck from the technical perspective is HTML. HTML is basically a markup language for text, not for interaction and gimmicks. As a result, today’s web applications using frameworks based on script languages to recreate user interface behavior. The results are complex, hard to maintain and often not stable. And, I do believe that big player in this game are doing research for new concepts; especially regarding the logic on the client (which is basically JavaScript these days).

Sunday, November 26, 2006

AJAX and Security

AJAX is everywhere. No AJAX, no cool website. Well, interactive behaviour is mandatory; I do agree. But is anybody investigating what AJAX means for web application security? I did some research. More on this later this week.

The beginning is the beginning ...

Hey, this block is about software; software architecture in general. My objective is to post information (based on some experience) on current topics. And, I dont wanna stress buzzwords. Everybody is excited about SOA, not me. I'm interested in good software. I know. It sounds simple. But it is hard work do develop decent code, not talking about big project and a crystal clear architecture. Well, let's go.